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Garda Benevolent Education Scheme 2019/2020 Application Form

Application Forms for the Education Loan Scheme 2019/2020


A Resolution was passed at the Companyís A.G.M. on 22nd June, 2017 which allows lapsed members to re-join the Trust Fund up until 31st December, 2017.


1. Pay All Outstanding Arrears in Full

2. Pay an Administration Charge of €50.00

3. A Waiting Period of 3 months will apply in respect of members who re-join the Trust Fund

To avail of this offer simply email info@gardabenevolent.ie with the following information:

1. Reg. Number

2. Date subscriptions ceased under Code 9283 

3. Full Postal address

We will then calculate arrears owing and revert to each member in due course.

RETIRED MEMBERS who were contributing to Garda Benevolent on the date of retirement can now avail of Life Membership for a fee of €500.00 which includes Life Membership fee of €300.00 and administration charge of €200.00.  A waiting period of 3 months will apply in respect of retired members who re-join the Trust Fund.


Please help us to update our records by notifying us of any change of address or changes in family circumstances.

You can fax 01-8307017 or email info@gardabenevolent  of any change of family circumstances eg. Marriage details, childrenís date of birth etc and we will gladly update our database.



The Trust Fund own two properties close to Donegal Town.  One of the houses is on the Old Golf Course Road overlooking Donegal Bay and the second house is at Doonan, approx. two klms from the Town Centre.

The Trust Fund also own two properties at Aylesbridge close to Courtown, Co. Wexford.  Both of these houses are on the same development about 2klms from Courtown Harbour.

All four houses are available under the Holiday Home Scheme to families who have a child with special needs, who is under 23 years of age.

Each house is fully furnished including washing machine, dryer and fully equipped kitchen. TVís are installed in all houses. Preference will be given to new applicants and to families who have availed of the Scheme on three (3) occasions or less in the past.

Properties at both Donegal and Wexford are wheelchair accessible.

The core period of July and August each year is ring-fenced for members with a special needs child.  Outside of this period, consideration will be given by the  Board of Management to applications from Staff Associations, Retired Members Association, Garda Management and Employee Assistance Officers who are aware of members, Garda Widows/spouses, who following a period of hospitalisation would benefit from a one-week holiday break at either of the two locations.

The intention is to ensure that the houses are used for the benefit of our members on an all-year-round basis.

More information of the Holiday Home Scheme can be found on www.gardabenevolent.ie.

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